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Security Assessments for Home or Office

We will come in and do an assessment of your environment and provide a full report on areas that you should update to make your environment more secure.  You can then take the report and implement what you want on your own or have us do it for you.



Network Planning and Design

Whether it is a new install or you need to update your current wired network, we can provide a complete layout how the network should be designed.  With security and performance at the for front.



Wireless Network Planning and Design

Just like with our network planning and design service.  We can  map out and fine tune your wireless network.  Making sure you have the appropriate coverage for your space and that you do not have any dead zones.  All with security and performance in mind.



Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance systems to suit your need.  Products ranging from;

  • Wired Cameras

  • Wireless Cameras

  • Digital Video Recorders (DVR)

  • Network Video Recorders (NVR)



Point of Sale Systems (POS)

We have partnered with a local resource on Point of Sale systems.  So we can bring to you a solutions and software for you Merchant needs.




Provide installation for any of the recommendations we bring forth from our security assessments, network and wireless planning and design, Video Surveillance or Point of Sale systems.



Maintenance and Monitoring

Maintain any device we sell or install so it will always be up to date and secure.  We may even be able to extend this to network equipment you may already have in place.  Along with this, we can monitor the equipment to help identify possible issue before they become problems.



We can provide support for any of the systems we install.  Along with current systems you may have already.  So if you have any issues, we will be just a phone call away to get you back up and running.



With our systems in place, provide usage reporting on systems within your environment.  Things like:

  • Top Bandwidth Consumers

  • Bandwidth Usage by Application

  • Infected Hosts

  • High Risk Applications

To learn more about our services, please call us at 941-504-3015 or email